Sony Introduces Air Conditioner That You Can Put in Your Pocket

With the temperatures steadily rising in the past years, people are having a hard time keeping themselves cool while on the go. Well, it seems like technology giant Sony has found a solution for this problem. The company recently presented an air conditioner so small that you can put it in your shirt's pocket.

The device, called Reon Pocket, is fitted into a special undershirt and a person wears it just below their neck. It is controlled by a smartphone app and can reportedly lower one's body temperature by 13 degrees Celsius or 23 degrees Fahrenheit. The air conditioner can also be used to increase the body temperature of those who wear it.

You can watch the promotional video for Reon Pocket below.

Reon Pocket is currently available for pre-order via crowdfunding platform First Flight. The price tag ranges from $117 to $175, while the expected date of delivery is March 2020. As of now, however, Sony made the device available only in Japan.

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