Woman has Uncontrollable Orgasms Triggered by Potholes and Escalators

Woman named Maria, 61, suffers from PGAD (Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder) which affects an estimated one per cent of women. She has no control over climax when going out and she said it ruined her life.

‘Most of the time I feel like I am sitting on an ant’s nest,’ Maria, from Glasgow, said. ‘There’s times where it’s a tickle all day, but then something sets it off and it’s a full-blown orgasm.

‘Driving over potholes, aircraft turbulence, escalators, the vibration from violins – I don’t know how many women could say they went to a Shania Twain concert and she made them orgasm.

‘Ninety per cent of my life has been wrecked and the other ten per cent is not so great either. ‘I had to give up volunteering because just moving can set it off. ‘One of my friends said to me I’d become a recluse.’

There is no affective treatment for this rare condition as of today.

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