Microsoft Threatens to Ban Players Who Play Pirated Version of Halo: Reach Beta

Around a thousand gamers recently received an opportunity to play a beta PC version of Microsoft's sci-fi shooter Halo: Reach. It didn't take long, however, for the game to get leaked online allowing everyone to download the pirated version and join in the fun. As you may guess, Microsoft isn't exactly happy about this and is now threatening to ban everyone who engages in this shady activity.

Tyler "Postums" Davis of 343 Industries, studio that developed Halo: Reach, recently went on his Twitter profile and wrote that anyone who downloads or play the illegal copy of the game will have their accounts banned. And not only this, but they will also may be removed "from all current or future 343 programs."

While this might not seem so scary at first, it is important to note that getting banned also removes all your digital purchases. This can be especially devastating for the players that use the same account for Xbox One and Microsoft Store.

Halo: Reach beta version currently allows players to play only one mission, allowing the developers to test the delivery methods. The full version is expected come at some point in 2019.

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