Top Places in Europe for American Tourists

Some of the reasons for Americans to visit Europe are because English is highly used on this continent and it is safe to travel here. Here are our top places for Americans to visit in Europe!


Located in the Pyrenees between Spain and France it is worth visiting because of its breathtaking mountain views, medieval architecture, and countless hiking paths. You can do three, four, or five-day routes. The route can be traveled by walking, skiing or biking, or a combination of these.  Caldea Spa Center is a natural and thermal spring facility in Andorra that features indoor and outdoor swimming pools, massages, a jacuzzi, and Turkish baths. At 70 ºC natural waters emerge from the earth. It has therapeutic, decongestant, and anti-allergy properties and is rich in sulfur and other mineral components like sodium, calcium, and sulfates.

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Budapest, Romania

This city attracts 12 million tourists annually and is a legitimate UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its delicious food is one of the reasons tourists visit it. Goulash, a combination of soup and stew is the national dish. This spicy soup is made from meat, veggies, and dumplings. Palacsinta which are crepes loaded with jelly or cottage cheese is typically served after goulash. Its architecture is another reason to visit it. Budapest is known for its Art Nouveau, Renaissance, Gothic, Baroque, and Classicist architectural styles. For instance, you should see the neo-gothic Hungarian Parliament on the Danube river bank, or the Neo-Gothic Matthias Church and neo-renaissance Hungarian State Opera House. Budapest also has wild nightlife. SPArties are highly popular. These events are held at the Szechenyi Baths. If you love electronic music and would like to spend some time at thermal bath while seeing a light show, this is a perfect place for you.

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County Kildare, Ireland

Visit the Donadea castle and its surrounding forest, which looks like a fairy story setting. Stroll along the Grand Canal and watch a horse race at the Curragh. You could also visit the 169-room Carton House. The impressive 1,100-acre estate goes all way back to 1176 and the main house built in Palladian style was built in 1739. In addition to retaining original elements like the stucco plasterwork ceiling in the Gold Salon, the property has four restaurants and bars, which include Whiskey Library filled with books. 


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