Best Street Food Every Foodie Needs to Try in Bangkok, Thailand

Food is an essential part of a vacation, as you learn about the city's culture through it. Here are the best street foods you should try in Bangkok:

Fish at Taling Chan Floating Market

It is located on the access road to Khlong Bangkok. The moment you enter the entrance with plants and flowers the fragrance of fried fish greets you. The short, narrow river in front of you is surrounded by traditional longboats with every sort of seafood you can imagine. On their tiny boats, little old ladies will barbecue fish, octopus, shrimp, and other foods while a group of catfish swims around in the background.  You can enjoy amazing seafood sitting on the floor with locals or taking a longtail boat around the canals, or you can even shop for some food.

Chinese Roast Duck

Roast duck is a popular food in most Asian countries. This Chinese dish of top-notch duck is served in a hoisin gravy with drips of dark soy sauce and pieces of ginger. Sometimes the street style is even better than the fine dining style.

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Moo Krob- Crispy Pork Belly

This dish came to Thailand less than a century ago by immigrants from Guandong, a province of Canton in southern China. Moo Krob is characterized by the juicy fat of the pork and its crispy skin. It is typically served with hoisin, mustard, or soy sauce.

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