Most Amazing Cocktails You Can Try in Bahamas

Bahamas is a tempting place to visit. Nice weather, clear sea, welcoming people; what else can you wish for more?  Some cocktails maybe?

Well, if that's the case, here are the most amazing cocktails you can try in Bahamas.

Bahama Mama

If you didn’t try Bahama Mama, it's like you weren't even in the Bahamas! Bahama Mama is one of the most popular drinks on the island, and they say it gives you a taste of the real Bahama life.

You will need to drink at least one of these cocktails, but you probably won't be able to stop at that.

The Painkiller

If you were all day on Bahamas Sun, swimming, exploring, having fun, you'd need something to refresh you at the end of the day. The Painkiller, one of Bahama's most beautiful cocktails, is perfect for that occasion.

Yellow Bird

Yellow Bird is a very famous cocktail in the Bahamas and the staple of the Carribean. It is characterized by a refreshing mixture of citrus fruit and rums, which makes this drink hard to resist.

The cocktail is named after a popular Haitian tune and unnoficial anthem of Carribean.

Rum Punch

The last entry on out list of most amazing cocktails you can try in Bahamas really packs a punch (pun intended).

Rum Punch is a classic Caribbean cocktail made with two or three types of rum, fruit juice, sugar syrup, and water.It is one of the most popular drinks in the Bahamas as it rarely tastes the same each time. Ingredients depend on the person making it, which gives it a hint of unexpected adventure and mystery.

But it's always tasty.

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