Man Destroys Monster 65 Items/4,000 Calories Breakfast in Only 12 Minutes

When it comes to breakfast, most people usually go for some eggs or pancakes. But, Adam More, YouTuber behind the channel Beard Meats Food, was recently really hungry so he decided to pay a visit to Shepherd's Place Farm and have their Terminator 2 breakfast. Yes, they really call it that way and you'll find out why soon.

Terminator 2 contains eight full English breakfasts, which include bacon, sausages, eggs, baked beans and toast. The full count of items is 65 and the total calories count stands at a whopping 4,000. Only a handful of people managed to finish this monster meal with the record time being 27 minutes.

It seems like More was really hungry however, as he had a blazing start showing the food into his mouth.  Things got slower when he reached bacon, but that didn't stop him from finishing the entire thing in just 12 minutes!

"This breakfast was pretty delicious." – he said at the end, while the restaurant staff watched in awe.

Check out the video of the entire thing below.

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