Get to Know Portugal: Best Beaches

Crystal clear waters and beautiful scenery can be found on Portugal beaches! Check out the best ones we've chosen!

Portinho beach

Portinho beach is known as one of the most beautiful because of its fine white sand and clean water. Due to its distance from the city, it also tends to be relatively calm. Because the area is less open than most of Portugal's coast, there aren't as many big waves here, which is bad for surfers but great for people who want to unwind and swim safely.

Costa da Caparica

Caparica, a 26km length of shore beloved by people who swarm to the sands during the summer months, is a short drive from Lisbon's top sights. When it is not the peak season, it will be much quieter because tourists haven't quite figured it out and the Portuguese tend to find it too cool (although it's frequently very lovely to most Brits). Thus, April and October are the best times to enjoy a stroll along the sands. The best time to swim here is during the peak season when lifeguards are there on duty because the waves can be too severe even for skilled swimmers. The local surfers catching waves will keep you amused if you decide to stay on dry land.

Moledo's beach

Moledo's beach near the Spanish border has a lengthy stretch of sand as well as magnificent views of the Camarido Forest and the Spanish hills across the bay. It is great for kite surfers because it is frequently windy and there are big waves. Moledo's beach has facilities such as a beach restaurant, showers, and restrooms. This beach is watched over by a lifeguard during the season. A little rocky island is situated in front of Moledo Beach, which can be reached by boat. The Insua Fortress is located on the island. Firstly constructed as a convent in the 15th century, it underwent conversion work in the 17th and 18th centuries to become a coastal defense stronghold.

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