Most Popular Cheeses in Greece

Greece has an old cheese-making tradition. Besides feta cheese, you will be surprised by how many other delicious kinds of cheese this country offers.


This almighty cheese has been around us for ages. Usually made out of goat or mixture of goat and sheep milk, this cheese is stored in barrels and afterward placed into salted water for the finest taste. After two months feta is sold on supermarket shelves.


Belonging to the pasta filata cheese family, Kasseri cheese is semi-hard, sweet, and salty cheese with a yellowish color. The process of making lasts for four months, mostly made out of sheep milk. Kasseri is commonly used in pasta making, as a side dish or sandwich.


This very traditional Greek cheese is made out of unpasteurized goat, or sheep’s milk (or in a combination of both) has a very sharp, salty, strong taste with a dry texture. The process of making this cheese can last even for a year, basically the dryer, the better. It gives an extra taste if mixed in sauces or rendered on the top of pizza and pasta.


Having origin from Feta, this cheese is a bit creamier than feta itself. This semi-soft cheese is strictly made in Central and Western Macedonia and in Thessalia in protected areas. Manouri has less salted produced out of whey of sheep’s or goat’s milk. It can be mixed in salads and can be used as a dessert cheese as well.

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