Top 10 Places to Visit in Philippines

Welcome to Philippines, island country of Southeast Asia located in the western Pacific ocean.

Phils are archipelago consisting of 7000+ islands. Yes, 7000+ islands! The largest island in The Philippines is Luzon with a population of 48.52 millions.

Imagine now, 7000+ island, all of them are amazing, with turquoise water, white sand beaches, and coconut trees! Sounds like heaven. Let us tell you, IT IS.

Manila is the capital of the Philippines and what is interesting that Manila is one of the oldest cities in the world. Enough, you are not here to read about history ( you should know before you visit any country ) You are here to find about Taste Of Globe's picks for top 10 locations in Philippines.

Let's start:

10. Banaue Rice Terraces

As rice is one of the main dishes in Philipines, history of Banaue rice terraces will bring us 2000 years back. Ifugao people, manually dig into the mountains to make stunning terraces.

Bangaan and Batad, two of the terrace clusters are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Inscription. Stunning view and specific history brought this amazing place on TasteOfGlobe top 10 list.

Coordinates: 16°55′07″N 121°03′33″E

9.  Alona Beach

As we wrote in the beginning, there are 7000+ islands belonging to Phils, we can't imagine how many beaches you can find there but Alona Beach located on Panglao island is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. With white sand, crystal clear water, rocky cliffs, and the amazing marine life it deserves a place on TasteOfGlobe top 10 list.

Coordinates: 9°34'59.99" N 123°44'59.99" E

8 . Tubbataha Reef

One more place from the UNESCO World Heritage list. Tubbatha reef lies in the Sulu Sea, 50 km southeast of Puerto Princesa City in Palawan.
The reef is reachable only by boat and journey will take 9 - 12 hours and its only attempted from march to June. Marine life and reef ecosystems support over 350 species of coral and more than 500 species of fish. If you are a diver this is a MUST!.

Coordinates: 8°54'59.99" N 119°54'59.99" E

7.  Mayon volcano

2462 meters above Albay Gulf, in Luzon province with the symmetrical profile, is one of most beautiful volcanos around the world. It's one of the most active volcano in the Philippines.

The most recent eruption in 1993 lasted for 30 minutes and result with 68 deaths and evacuation of 60.000. Let's see the positive side of the volcano. If you are in Phils and you never see a volcano you should do it. Input it on your bucket list because vegetation and mother nature power is just amazing, isn't it?

Coordinates: 13°15'14.40" N 123°41'3.59" E

6. Fort Santiago

Let's go back to Manila.

Welcome to Fort Santiago, pass through gates of History.
Built-in 16th century by Spanish navigator Miguel Lopez de Legazpi to protect the new established city of Manila.

Main purpose of Fort was to protect City and to keep important prisoners inside. The structure was built from Solid stone with Italian-Spanish architectural style.

History of this fort cant fit in one book, from Spanish, British, American, Japanese occupation until now, these walls will keep a lot of secrets.

Coordinates: 14°35'25.19" N 120°58'5.99" E

5. Corregidor island

From Manila, we go back to one of the 7000+ Islands. Why this island is so special?

During WWII Corregidor island was major defense position during battles for Phils.

Easy to say, Imagine giant rock rising out of the water. Dimensions, location, and natural looks make this island looks like a natural fortress. Many Allied soldiers (USA, Philippines...) Give their lives to protect giant rock?! Why? Because who holds Corregidor Island he holds Manila.
Now back to our purpose, on this amazing island you can find huge base used in WWII where every stone has an important roll in Phils history.

Coordinates: 14°23'4.79" N 120°34'13.79" E

4. Manila Ocean Park

Oceanarium in Manila with more than 14000 sea creatures from 280 species mostly from Southeast Asia. It contains 3000 cubic meters of seawater and posses 25 meters 220° curved walkway panorama tunnel! Breathtaking tunnel!

Coordinates: 14°34'45.50" N 120°58'20.95" E

3. San Agustin Church in Manila

We don't need to write to much about this amazing building located in Manila, important is to say that it is the oldest church in the country and it is on UNESCO World Heritage list.

More than enough? Right?

The church was completed in 1571 but destroyed by fire in December 1574 during the invasion of Manila by forces of Limahong.
Reconstruction began in 1586 and the Augustinians decided to use stone and to construct monastery.

Interesting fact for San Agustin Church is that on June 3rd, 1863, one of the strongest earthquake at that time hit Manila basically destroying 70% of the city, leaving Agustin Church undamaged. In 1880 series of strong earthquakes struck Manila again on 18-20 July leaving a large crack in the east bell tower.

During the Japanese occupation in WWII, the church was used as a concentration camp.

More about this amazing building you should find out by yourself, visiting this amazing church.

Coordinates: 14°35'11.99" N 120°58'17.39" E

2. Puerto Princesa Underground River

If u have a chance to visit Puerto Princesa Underground River you will think in that particular moment that you are not on planet earth.
You don't need to ask this question, but yes it is on UNESCO World Heritage site.

More than 24 Kilometers long, full with stalagmites, stalactites with famous ''Italian'' Chamber with 2.5 million square meters volume it is one of the largest caves in the world.

If you love nature, and you would like to be part of this amazing story, don't forget to book tour for this amazing Underground River

Coordinates: 10°09'60.00" N 118°54'59.99" E

1. Chocolate Hills

This stunning geological formation in the Bohol Province has nothing with chocolate if you already start to think about sweets, the name is coming from green grass that turns brown during the dry season. There are around between 1200-1800 hills spread over an area of around 55 square kilometers.

Two hills were developed into resorts and if you want to try something different in your life, maybe you should stay here.

Coordinates: 9°54'59.99" N 124°09'60.00" E

Thank you for reading, If you decide to visit any place on our mother earth please collect your garbage and avoid to use plastic bags and bottles or if you use please dispose of it accordingly.
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