Man Robs Two Banks Using an Avocado as a Weapon

Avocados are a perfect combination of tasty and healthy, but it turns out that they are more than just a favorite food and guacamole sauce ingredient. As one man from Israel recently demonstrated, they can also be used as a bank-robbing tool.

According to FOX News, one 47-year-old Israeli managed to rob two banks in Beersheba with the help of an avocado. Allegedly, the man would enter the bank holding an avocado and telling the staff that it is a live grenade in his hands. 

He would then present them with a note that said: "Hand over the money in the drawer."

If the staff hesitated, the man would double down on his threats and showed them the "grenade," which was actually an avocado painted in black. In both cases, he managed to get the money and run away with his prize.

Reportedly, he stole around $8,400 in cash combined.

Police managed to capture the man using his cellphone and have later revealed that he was a convict who previously served three years in prison.


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