Three Simple Ways to Make a Hot Chocolate

While making this delicious treat can be complicated, the truth is that there are three simple ways to make a hot chocolate. They work for everyone, and you'll be able to nail them even if you never stepped a foot into a kitchen. Let's check them out.

Making of a Hot Chocolate, Take One

Things you'll need: cocoa powder, milk, honey, pinch of salt


Pour one cup of milk into a pot and put it onto a stove. Wait until the milk gets warm, and then add two tablespoons of cocoa powder. Whisk the milk until you get rid of all the cocoa powder clumps and then add a pinch of salt to neutralize the bitterness of the cocoa.

Whisk a bit more and then add three tablespoons of honey to sweeten it. You just got yourself a cup of delicious hot chocolate.

Making of a Hot Chocolate, Take Two

Things you'll need: semi-sweet chocolate, milk, brown sugar, ground ginger


We do the same as in take one, and put milk onto a stove. This time we add semi-sweet chocolate (although you can go for full sweet if you don't count calories) and let it melt while stirring occasionally. While we already got a solid cup of chocolate there, it doesn't hurt to spice it a bit.

Add half to a full teaspoon of brown sugar dash of ginger to get more full taste and really have your hot chocolate stand out.

 Making of a Hot Chocolate, Take Three

Things you'll need: dark chocolate, milk, maple syrup, vanilla extract, pinch of salt


You have probably got a hang of this already, but we start with milk once again. This time, you'll add dark chocolate to the milk, and while the chocolate melts, you'll also add two or three teaspoons of maple syrup, couple drops of vanilla extract and throw in a pinch of salt. Mix vigorously and witness the magic of hot chocolate appearing before your very eyes.

Think your way of making hot chocolate is better than ours? Prove us in the comments below.

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