About Us

Taste of Globe was created when a group of friends came up with an idea to collect the most interesting content from all corners of the globe and share it with everyone.

We were always curious to find out what type of food people in other countries and on different continents eat, to learn about places they like to visit or video games they play, and finally to get an insight into their daily lives.

It always takes a lot of time visiting a variety of websites to get the information we wanted, so we started thinking that it had to be a better way.

There had to be a place on the internet where we could find all the things we wanted. As we quickly discovered, there wasn't any.
Some websites came close, but none of them exactly matched the thing we, and other curious people like us, looked for. So we decided to build one by ourselves.

We hope you'll enjoy reading the content on Taste of Globe as much as we enjoy making it. Join us at Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and help us celebrate the curiosity.

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