Most beautiful abandoned places - Sarajevo bobsleigh

If somebody tell you a story about abandoned bobsleigh in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, just 1 mile away from downtown, you would not believe them, right? Well, you may believe us since we are here to explore and to show you world most beautiful abandoned places.

Built in 1982 on mountain Trebevic slopes, with a cost of more than 8.000.000$, bobsleigh in Sarajevo was one of the best in whole world at that time. The main reason for the construction were XIV Winter Olympic Games, held in 1984 in Sarajevo.

Being 1300m long with  13 turns, 129.5m vertical drop, and 10% average grade,  this bobsleigh and luge track was steepest and fastest of its time. After Olympic Games ended, Sarajevo hosted several more events organized by ILF ( International Luge federation ) and IBSF (International Bobsleigh & Skeleton Federation).

Mere 10 years after bobsleigh was build, the object was completely destroyed during war in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Now, 22 years after war,  destroyed and abandoned bobsleight is attracting more then 36, 000 tourists a year. 

We dont want you to spend too much time reading about bobsleigh, because pictures tell 1,000 words. So check our gallery and to enjoy in beautiful photos of Sarajevo bobsleigh.

GPS  location : 43.839935, 18.442753

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