Take-Two Interactive Sues GTA Online Modder for $150K

Rockstar Games' parent company Take-Two Interactive continues their crusade against the GTA Online modders. The company recently filed a lawsuit against another person responsible for creating mods for the online component of Grand Theft Auto V, seeking $150K in damages.  

The mods in GTA Online enable players who use them to cheat in a way that it gives them unfair advantage compared to other player. This is why Take-Two Interactive increased the efforts aimed to stop the modders and their software from corrupting the game.

The person in question, who finds themselves on the receiving end of the lawsuit, is Florida resident Jhonny Perez who created software Elusive and sold it for up to $30. Perez was initially offered a settlement agreement by Take-Two, but turned it down, which caused the company to take these actions. Besides $150K, they also ask $70K in legal actions from the software creator who is reportedly earned around $500K from his mod.

While Take-Two doesn't exactly need the money or was actually "damaged" by Perez's actions, the company wants to stop modders from bringing unbalance to the game, something that was welcomed with praised in the gaming community.


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