Best Packing Tips for Summer Vacation

Summertime is made for vacations, cocktails on the beach, chilling, and adventures. But packing could be ruining your enthusiasm, so we made a list of tips to help you pack smartly.

Things you must pack

  • Important documents
  • Driver's license
  • Passports
  • ID card


More Things You Must Pack

Sunglasses and hats

If you go to the beach or even just stroll around the city during daylight you will definitely need a hat and sunglasses.


Sunscreen is highly important, and it should even be in the bag that you wear every day. It doesn't only protect your skin against scorching sunburn it also prevents skin damage that could cause discoloration and saggy skin in the future.

The sun provides you with necessary Vitamin D, but it also emits UV radiation that could break through even during cloudy days. Because of that sunscreen should be used on daily basis. Remember to reapply sunscreen after swimming as it can be washed off by water or sweat.

More Tips On Packing

How not to overpack

Making a list is the most important step in preparing for your holiday packing. By making a list of things you'll truly need like outfits, beach wear, and toiletries, you can avoid packing unnecessary items. The list will also help you not to forget to pack crucial items.

Rolling your clothes

Roll your clothes to make extra space in your luggage.

Don't bring items you won't use

Don't bring anything you won't use! Go through everything once more and remove unnecessary items.

Take wet wipes and hand sanitizer

There may be no place to wash your hands, and here the sanitizer comes to the rescue.  You will need wet wipes for general hygiene like sticky fingers or wiping down something dirty or if you spill some food on your t-shirt.

Bring extra plastic shopping bags

They take up almost no space in your bag and are perfect for packing sand-covered shoes, dirty clothes, wet swimsuits etc.




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