A leak of the radioactive isotope Caesium (Cs-137) was recorded in Sarajevo, Bosnia

A leak of the radioactive isotope caesium (Cs-137) was recorded in Sarajevo at the site of the former Energoinvest plant in Tvornička Street.

It was confirmed for "Avaz" from the Institute of Public Health of the Federation of BiH.

In a short answer, they said that there was the presence of radioactive cesium contamination in the building of the former "Energoinvest", and that it was confirmed by the measurements of the Institute of Public Health of the Federation of BiH, more precisely the Center for Radiation Protection.

- According to the data of the Institute of Public Health of the Federation of BiH, the space is fenced to prevent unauthorized access and rehabilitation activities have been undertaken by the State Regulatory Agency for Radiation and Nuclear Safety - they stated.

Namely, cesium-137 is a radioactive isotope of cesium with a half-life of about 30.2 years. The product of nuclear fission, and its release into nature occurs through the use of nuclear weapons as in the case of accidents at nuclear power plants.

As a long-lived radionuclide, cesium-137 remains in the environment for decades after release and poses a significant risk to humans and animals. It is soluble in water and toxic in small quantities.

Four years after the Chernobyl disaster, about 80 percent of the radioactive cesium released was still in the surface layers of moss-covered soil. People take cesium-137 into the body by inhalation or through food. It dissolves in body fluids and is evenly distributed in the body. It is mainly excreted in the urine.
Coordinates of Energoinvest plant : 43°50'11.6"N 18°18'44.1"E

Credit (www.avaz.ba)

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